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  Reference Books






State Reference Books


Q: How do I order my reference books?
A: You can order your reference book by calling us at (404) 474-8774 or email us at Books@LowVoltageExam.com. You may also click on the page heading to the left "Book Store" and order them when you sign up for the Workshop.


Q: How long will it take to receive my book order?
A: Book orders submitted in the United States before 2:00 PM are processed and shipped the same business day. After 2:00 PM shipping occurs the next business day. Weekend orders ship on the following Monday. Book orders are shipped via UPS Ground and you can expect your book order to arrive within 1 to 3 business days, unless special shipping arrangements have been previously arranged. Call us if you need to receive your books sooner. Note: Book orders submitted from Canada will take between 5 to 10 days to receive, however special shipping arrangements may also be made by calling us at (404) 474-8774.


Q: Are book tabs and indexes available for the reference books?
A: Yes, book tabs and indexes are available for purchase for some of the reference books. Book tabs make it quick and easy to reference the book chapters/headings faster than thumbing through them using the page headings. Example; "Scaffolds". If the question is about Scaffolds then you can get to the main heading quickly by looking in the OSHA book at the book tab "Scaffolds". Book indexes have been designed around this low voltage exam and make it quick and easy to find the answers. Power Learning Systems (PLS) customizes the book tabs and indexes based on the category of examination. To order book tab and/or indexes call us or click on Book Store or email us at Books@LowVoltageExam.com.


Q: How do I know what chapters or areas to study in the reference books?
A: When you sign up for a PLS workshop, we provide you with a Study Guide which outlines the specific chapters and articles you should focus on. The Study Guide includes sample exam based practice questions relating to the category of exam you are taking. You begin your studies by reading the Study Guide and follow the directions in it, and doing the practice exams. If you complete the Study Guide and practice exams and would like more to study please call us (404) 474-8774 and ask to speak with the instructor (Steve Dale) and let him know and he will give you more guidance on where you need to focus your additional study time base on the conversation you have. Mr. Dale is here to help you pass the exam and wants to dialogue with you about your study progress so do not be shy about calling him. You may reach him after business hours and on the weekends on his cell phone at: 800-743-8027.


Q: Why won't you sell indexes to non-students?
A: PLS sells its State approved reference book indexes only to its students. The reason for this is because many many hours of hard work have gone into preparing these detailed indexes based on the low voltage exam and we consider this proprietary information which due to our copyright we prefer to keep out of the hands of any competitors.


Q: Can I buy used reference books from PLS?
A: No, PLS does not offer used books for sale. PLS sells to our students the reference books at cost. You'll need new books to highlight the appropriate sections relating to possible low voltage exam questions.


Q: Can I sell my reference books after I pass the State exam?
A:  PLS does not buy used books nor do we recommend selling your reference book(s) after you pass the exam. You should hold on to them for future reference when needed. You will have times when you need to answer code related questions in the field at the job site so these books should be carried with you or be available for quick reference.


Q: Can I return my books for a refund after purchase?

A:  All reference materials purchases are final and nonrefundable with the following exception; PLS will refund minus our shipping and handling fee, the amount paid by you for your books within five (5) business days of your receipt of the book(s), provide you return them to us at your cost and in the same as new conditioned.


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STATE exam


Q: How much study time is needed to pass the State exam?
A: The State of Georgia low-voltage exams are difficult. In order to pass you will need to become very familiar with the State approved reference books for your category of exam. PLS recommends for you to focus on the relative chapters and articles where the State exam questions are derived. After registering for the workshop PLS provides to you a study guide which will direct you where to focus your study time. PLS also provides sample exam based practice questions, as well as instruction on how to prepare to take the low-voltage exam and how to maximize your available testing time.


Q: What form of identification should I bring with me the day of the exam?
A: You must bring identification with you to the testing site and will not be permitted to enter the exam room without first producing this identification. The identification must bear both your picture and your signature (e.g., driver's license).  If you do not have such identification you must bring a notarized photograph of yourself. You must also bring your "Admission Notice" which is sent to you by the testing company Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP). You should receive this a couple of weeks before the date of the exam. It will give you the time and location of the testing center.   If you do not bring the "Admission Notice" you will NOT be admitted into the exam room. If you have not received your "Admission Notice:" two (2) weeks prior to the exam date, you should call AMP at (800) 345-6559 and request a copy faxed to you.


Q: What should I bring to the workshop and State exam?
A: Bring ALL your State approved reference books to the workshop and State exam. You will need a non-programmable battery operated or self-powered non-printing silent calculator. It can not have a keypad with 26 letters such as an electronic organizer.  You may bring a second calculator and/or spare batteries. The best calculators are the inexpensive ones that have both batteries and solar cells. Solar cells alone should be ok because the room is well lit with fluorescent lighting however why take the chance. If you wear glasses you may want to bring an extra pair and a cloth for cleaning them. If you have a tendency to get dry eye bring some eye drops.


Q: Can I smoke during the State exam?
A: No, smoking is not allowed in the testing building. So you may want to consider an alternative to smoking such as nicotine gum or some other method to curve your desire during the exam.


Q: What facilities are available at the testing site?
A: Restrooms. You can ask to use the restroom however you can not take anything with you and an attendant may escort you to and from.


Q: Do I need to bring pencils and scratch paper to the State exam?
A: No, the testing center will provide you with a pencil at check in and one piece of scratch paper.


Q: Can I bring a snack and a beverage into the exam room?
A: No, you cannot bring drinks or food into the testing room. You may leave the testing room for a drink of water but you will not be give any addition testing time.


Q: Where do I put my belongings while I am in the exam room?
A: No, you cannot bring drinks or food into the testing room. You may leave the testing room for a drink of water but you will not be give any addition testing time. Your vehicle is the only place you will have available to store any item you have with you while your taking the examination. The testing center has no locker facilities or any other place where you can securely leave your items. You will not be able to take a coat or any other item into the exam room. You coat may be left on a coat rack outside the exam room which is unsecured. If you leave your wallet, cell phone, keys etc. in your coat, realize they are unsecured and the testing center will not be responsible. It would be easy for someone to walk out of the testing center with your coat and thus your belongings. Place your keys and wallet in your pocket before going into the exam room but do not get them out while in the exam room. Do not bring a cell phone, camera, recorder of any kind into the testing center and exam room, leave these items in your vehicle, home or office..


Q: Where can someone wait for me to take the State exam?

No visitors are permitted in the testing center at anytime. Candidates are not allowed to visit with, talk or exchange messages with others once in the exam room.


Q: Is there parking available at the testing site?
A: Yes, there is free parking available at all the testing center locations (Click Here to see exam locations).


Q: Can I write in my State exam books during the exam?
A: No, you may not make notes or do calculations in your exam reference materials or book during the exam. You must use the scratch paper provide by the proctor to make any notes or do calculations. You must then turn in this scratch paper at the end of the examination.


Q: Can I write or make notes in my State exam books while I am studying and then take them into or use them during the exam?
A: No, you may not make notes or do calculations in your exam books before the exam. The exam proctors review your reference materials prior to you entering the exam room and any written note they find you will be ask to mark them out or erase them and do calculations. You must turn in your scratch paper at the end of the exam.


Q: What if I finish my exam early?
A: You may sign off the computer and quietly leave the exam room. See the proctor before you leave and they will check you out.


Q: Can I bring notes or other reference information to the testing site?
A: No, Only State of Georgia approved reference materials are allowed to be used during the State low voltage exam.


Q: Can I bring my cellular telephone into the exam room?
A: NO cell phones or other recording or transmitting devices are permitted in the exam room. If you take a cell phone into the exam and it goes off or is discovered during the exam you may be ask to leave and/or forfeit the exam. It has happened before so do not risk it.


Q: How should I dress at the State exam?
A: Casual business attire is appropriate. Dress in loose comfortable clothing. Not a neck tie or other tight garments. Also, bring a sweater or light jacket so that you will be comfortable in varying and different temperatures. Depending on where you are seated it can get quite cold in the exam room. We do not suggest wearing shorts because of this.


Q: What time does the State exam start and end?
A: The exam times vary depending on the schedule you have chosen. There are two four hour testing times per day 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. You should arrive 1/2 hour before the testing time you have scheduled.


Q: Is there assigned seating at the State exam?
A: Yes, the proctor will place you at a computer they have chosen. If the testing room is not crowded the proctor will have you seated so your not adjacent to anyone else. If your not comfortable in the seating arrangement ask the proctor if you could be placed elsewhere, however ultimately its up to the proctor on where they decide to seat you. Since you may have many books to open you may want to request a larger cubical where you can have easer access to your reference materials.


Q: What happen after I have taken the State exam?
A: The exam is over! What a relief! Now you have to wait for the results. You are notified via the mail usually within six (6) weeks weather you passed or failed.  An average of 70% of correct answers is required to pass the State exam.


Q: How long do I have to wait until I receive my test results?
A: Do not call the State of Georgia Licensing Board because they will not give you any information over the telephone. Notice will ne provided via email and US mail within six (6) weeks after the close of the last day of the exam testing window. Once your license number has been issued you can view your license information on the licensing boards website at: State of Georgia Licensing Verification


Q: I get distracted easily when I take a test?
A: There is nothing worse than having the person sitting next to you tapping their pencil, feet or mumbling out loud while your taking your exam. It can be extremely distracting as well as irritating and throw off your concentration. So if you get distracted easily by noises, bring ear plugs. The foam kind work best. Just roll them between your fingers and put them in your ears and you'll have peace and quite yet still be able to hear the proctor. Also, please be courteous to the others who are taking the exam. Don't get irritated, mumble, grunt, tap your pencil, move around a lot, etc. If you complete the test before others be quite and courteous, try not to disturb or distract others who are finishing their exam. Leave the exam room as quality as possible. Do not talk during the exam or look at others taking their exam, you could forfeit your exam.


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PLS workshop


Q: What is the percentage of students who pass the State exam?
A: PLS workshop attendees have a 98% + success rate. The majority of the time everyone in the class passes the State exam. We are proud of this statistic and do everything possible to help you succeed.

Q: What time does the workshop begin and end?
A: On the first morning, please arrive no later than 7:30 AM to register. Subsequent, days begin at 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

Q: How can I find the exact location of my workshop?
A: Once you register, you will receive a registration confirmation in the mail that will contain the exact meeting location. You may also check this web site under Workshop Location.

Q: Do you offer food?
A: We ask that you make your own arrangements for eating. For your convenience a listing of convenient accommodations will be provided at the start of the workshop. The lunch break is for one (1) hour. There is an additional 10 min. stretch breaks every 2 hours. There are many close eating establishments with a block of the workshop location.


Q: Do you provide parking?
A: PLS does not provide parking for workshop attendees. Most attendees stay and park at the workshop hotel or a hotel within walking distance to the workshop. This is very convenient because the exam testing site is only one (1)block from the workshop hotel, Centennial Inn in Downtown Atlanta, GA.

Q: Is there a shuttle service from the airport to the workshop hotel?

A: Yes, "The Atlanta Link" airport shuttle service cost $16 one-way, $28.00 round trip. You can reach then by calling 1-866-545-9633 or visiting them on the web at www.TheAltantaLink.com. To find there booth at the airport go to Ground Transportation on the lower floor outside of baggage claim to C10 - C14. The Atlanta Link has a booth where you can purchase your shuttle ticket. The workshop hotel, Centennial Inn in Downtown Atlanta, GA. is next door to the State of Georgia testing center.

Q: Will I receive any materials at the workshop?
A: Yes, you’ll receive a workshop notebook that outlines course topics. Practice exam based testing is taken at the workshop.
Q: When attending the workshop, how do I stay in touch with family and colleagues? How can people reach me?
A: Phones are readily available and you’ll have time during periodic breaks to make calls. You can use your cell phone on the balcony as well as other areas in the hotel/conference center. We ask that you do not use your cell phone in the workshop area. In addition, our conference centers are equipped with internet access so you can receive your email. Finally, our conference center staff will be happy to take messages or hold faxes for you.


Q: How do I pay for a workshop?
A: For your convenience, you can pay in one of three ways.

  • Credit card or Check Debit: We accept MasterCard, MasterCard, Visa, American Express Credit Cards and Check Debits.

  • Check: Make your check payable to Power Learning Systems. Then mail it to: 925B Peachtree Street NE, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30309.

  • Bill me: If you select this option, we’ll send an invoice within 3 business days of your registration. (Any books purchased will not be sent until payment is received).

Q: How late can I wait to sign up for the workshop?
A: Workshop registrations are due no later than ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled workshop date. Registrations received less than 10 business days prior to the workshop will be charged a $50.00 late registration fee. It is best to register early so you can get your Study Guide and begin your advance preparation for the workshop.

Q: Will receive a confirmation when I register a workshop?
A: Yes, we will email you a confirmation of your workshop registration upon registering for a workshop. It is the responsibility of the attendee to contact PLS if confirmation is not received prior to the class date to ensure your registration has been received.


Q: Is seating limited?
A: Yes, and it is highly recommended that you register as early as possible. Early registration grantees your seat and allows you to get started on studying your reference books in advance of the exam date. Power Learning Systems grants courtesy transfers to people who cannot attend their scheduled workshop. You can use a courtesy transfer for any workshop of equal or lesser length than the original workshop. You must use your courtesy transfer within (1) one year of the date of your originally scheduled workshop after one (1) the transfer option expires.

Q: What if I register for a workshop, but then can’t attend?
A: If you cannot attend a workshop you can contact Power Learning Systems in advance to transfer to a future session, or you can send someone to take your place. If you need to cancel your attendance, Power Learning Systems will give you a complete refund if you cancel more ten (10) days before the workshop is scheduled to begin. To cancel, simply call Power Learning System's. If you cancel with less than ten (10) days advance notice, you will be liable for the entire workshop fee. Once your payment has been received, you may request a courtesy transfer to use at any future Power Learning Systems workshop of equal or lesser length. The courtesy transfer must be used within one (1) year of the date of your originally scheduled workshop. If you do not attend a workshop session for which you are confirmed and do not contact Power Learning Systems in advance there is a $100.00 reinstatement and transfer fee to another workshop.

Q: How do I use a courtesy transfer?
A: PLS grants courtesy transfers to people who cannot attend their scheduled workshop. You can use a courtesy transfer for any workshop of equal or lesser length than the original workshop. You must use your courtesy transfer within (1) one year of the date of your originally scheduled workshop after one (1) the transfer option expires.

Q: What happens if the workshop is canceled?
A: We have never had a workshop canceled. We strive to conduct all scheduled workshops. However, PLS reserves the right to cancel any workshop/class/seminar due to inadequate workshop size, weather or illness. All scheduled attendees will be notified as early as possible should a cancellation occur, and our liability will be limited to the return of the registration fees. Any registration fees paid to PLS will be refunded within ten (10) days of the notice of the cancellation.


Q: What is the workshop cancellation policy?
A: If cancellation of your workshop registration is necessary, you must send written notice (e-mail acceptable) to Power Learning Systems, 925B Peachtree Street NE, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30309 or email us at Cancellation@LowVoltageExam.com. Workshop cancellations made ten (10) business days in advance of the start of the workshop will be accepted at no cost to you. Confirmed attendees who do not attend the workshop or who cancel after ten (10) business days prior to the start of the workshop are responsible for the entire registration fee. A workshop attendee may substitute another person at no additional charge. The substitution request must be received before the start of the workshop. A workshop attendee has the option to transfer (one time) to a future workshop date, within a 12-month (one year) period. The transfer request must be provided in writing prior to the workshop. No refunds will be given on a transferred registration.


Q: What if I'm late to the workshop?
A: Make ever effort not to be late. You will miss valuable information necessary to pass the exam. There is a lot of information the instructor covers to prepare you for the State exam. The first day of the Workshop begins at 7:30 AM the remaining days begin at 8:00 AM. You will have one (1) hour for lunch and dinner so you should plan on being back to the class room as soon as possible after you eat. If you are late returning take your seat with as little distraction as possible. Plan in advance for traffic congestion and changing weather. You may want to consider staying at the Hotel Conference center or another location close to the workshop so you will not have the added stress of driving to the workshop.


Q: Will the instructor embarrass me, have me read out loud or ask me any direct questions?
A: No, the instructor does not question the students or put them on the spot or in anyway make them feel uncomfortable. If a student raise their hand or volunteers to answer a question or ask a question of the instructor, the instructor responds cordially. The instructor takes extreme efforts to conduct the class in a relaxed, friendly, non-stressful atmosphere so the student feels comfortable and are able to absorb the necessary information and develop the skills necessary to pass the exam.


Q: Can I record the workshop instructor?
A: No, all verbal content provide by the instructor is copyrighted and guarded and is NOT to be recorded by any electronic means. Out of respect for the privacy rights of others attending as well as PLS's copyrights, we ask for your cooperation in not tape-recording the workshop. If you are found to be using a recording device you will be ask to leave the workshop and no refund given.


Q: Is there a charge to attend the workshop a second time if I fail to pass the State exam?
A: Yes, however, after attending the workshop your chances of passing the State exam are greatly enhanced. PLS workshop attendees have a 98% + success rate. The majority of the time everyone in the class passes the State exam. We are proud of this statistic and do everything possible to help you succeed. If you are having difficulty understanding a particular area of study, be sure to bring this to the attention of the instructor. This will allow the instructor to focus more attention to those areas and work with you on a personal level. You should make every effort to sit in the front of the class. As well as see the instructor after the class ends if you are confused about a topic. He will work with you personally addressing this troubling area. Do not be shy to approach the instructor. The instructor is there to help you pass the exam, ask for his help, he wants you to succeed and he will do all he can to help you obtain your goal to pass the exam.


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